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A collective and collaborative forum bringing together a host of critical voices on all things Transformative Justice.

Read and Resist Reading Group — Join us on!

  • 17th March 3-5pm Building “Sites of Solidarity”: Fighting Collectively Against the capitalist, colonial, ableist hetero-patriarchy in support of International Women’s Day (register from 18. February 2021)

  • 21st April 3-5pm Abolition as Imagination: Yielding Possibility; Crafting Future (register from 25. March 2021)

  • 19th May 3-5pm Dean Spade, Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next) (register from 22. April 2021)

  • 23rd June 3-5pm Tuning into Activism: Improvisation, Musicality and Spirituality (register from 19th May 2021)

2021 – We are channelling the erotic!

In 2020 we were inspired by Adrienne Maree Brown, Nora Samaran, carla Bergman and Nick Montgomery to envisage a different future, one centred on pleasure activism, nurturance culture and joyful militancy. At the heart of this is Audré Lorde’s call to channel the erotic in everything that we do. This is our resolution for 2021. […]

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