Listen and Resist!

Welcome to the Read and Resist! designated podcast: Listen and Resist!

At Read and Resist!, we are keen to amplify a diverse range of voices and facilitate discussions on all aspects of transformative justice across a variety of mediums.

Over the years, activists, community organisers, some academics and our friends and loved ones have shown us the transformative power of the spoken word and shared conversations. We wanted to extend the richness of the collaborative dialogue from our partner blog, Write and Resist! by bringing together our array of community, activist, student and academic voices to a wider audience.

With the wisdom and help of their guests and fellow contributors, hosts, Flick and Fab consider the structures and systems that inflict harm, violence and trauma on our communities and discuss alternative paths forward. 

We aim to host Listen and Resist! podcasts regularly. Each episode will last between 5-20 minutes. 

Get Involved 

Listen and Resist! invites contributions from anyone interested in getting involved in the transformative justice conversation and sparking further discussion. We welcome suggestions for informal discussions, interviews, poetry readings, new publications and more! Whatever you choose, we will support you through the process. 

Got something to say about anything transformative justice related? We want to hear your voice! Leave us a message or drop us a line with your idea and we’ll do the rest!

Photos by Pixa Bay and Tommy C Lopez from Pexels

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