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Welcome to the Watch and Resist! the designated space on our web-platform for our YouTube channel, Read and Resist #LikeAndSubscribe

At Read and Resist, we are working to share a diverse range of outlooks on all aspects of Transformative Justice across a variety of mediums.

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve experienced the joy and richness of the new relationships we have forged via a variety of digital talks and workshops across media outlets including YouTube and Zoom. We have felt the sense of nourishment, love and healing created by these meaningful connections at a time of multi-layered uncertainty and isolation.

We are seeking to build on the efforts by publishers, academics and organizers to create community and critical discussions throughout this challenging period. We wanted to extend an opportunity to community organizers, activists, students and academic voices to come together and share their outlooks via our YouTube channel.

The Care Mixtape

Inspired by our learning together about transformative justice and abolition in our reading groups during the pandemic and The Care Collective’s book The Care Manifesto: The Politics of Interdependence, we have begun a digital series centring on care, caring, caregiving and care work. We welcome people from to discuss their understanding of caring in all forms and the relationship between caring and their and work and how this connects with their visions of the world in a kitchen-table style format.

We’ve academics and grassroots groups coming up in the next few months. If you’d like to join us in conversation about the themes of Care, Caring, Caregiving and Care Work, please do drop us a line!

Watch the co-founders of Read & Resist! – @Felicity_A95 and @fabsicle – introduce the new web-platform

If you you’d like to share your outlooks with us via YouTube, by for example, convening an “In Conversation” style chat with a suggested partner(s) on any topic related to Transformative Justice, please drop us a line:

We are not prescriptive about style or length, we want to listen, watch and share your voices, experiences and work!

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