Read and Resist!

Welcome to Read and Resist! A reading group set up in January 2020. This reading group is open to all interested in developing their knowledge, reading, and discussion of selected texts broadly relating to Transformative Justice.

Our sessions will be held monthly through each semester until the vacation period (September-January and February- July). All sessions will be held digitally. 

We welcome all people from all experiences and backgrounds to join in with our discussions – all that is required is an interest in learning more about transformative justice!  

Please select as many readings as you feel appropriate! Get in touch with us ReadandResist20atgmaildotcom if you have difficulty accessing any of the readings.


14th October 6-8pm

Session: Resistance, Power and Protest: In support of Black History Month 

18th November 6-8pm (online booking open)

Session: Comradeship, Allyship and The Perils of Mainstream Feminism

9th December 6-8pm

Session: “We Will Not Cancel Us”: Cancel Culture, Disposability, and Transformative Justice

13th January 6-8pm

Session: #Kill the Bill: “The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action”

We are keen for grassroots groups and organisations to host a reading group session centring on their central focuses. If you’re interested, or you fancy recommending some readings to us? Drop us a line: Readandresist20atgmaildotcom

You can view our 2020/21 reading group readings here.

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Janko Ferlic from Pexels

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