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Piss On Me, But Call It Rain

By Olanrewaju Paul Olubayo

A Summary Critique of the Joint Committee on Human Rights Report on “Black People, Racism & Human Rights”

All of which leads me to my central issue and critique with this report. The Joint Committee used over 40 pages to tell Black People everything they already knew about their own existences within the country, but looks to present it as a ground-breaking revelation. What’s worse, is the report does this, only to then highlight that all their cries, pleas & appeals for change have not only fallen on deaf ears, but have been summarily dismissed and brushed aside for years. This report serves as nothing more than an administration pandering and calling it change. They provide us with a façade of advocacy when in reality all this report provides is confirmation. Confirmation that Black people in the UK are treated and viewed as second-class citizens across a wide range of sectors across the nation.

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Paul Olubayo is a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Class of 2020 Master of Human Rights Program, where his focus was Human Rights Law & International Justice. Paul is also a 2018 Keele University LLB Bachelor of Laws Graduate. In his professional career Paul has conducted Human Rights based work at the local, national & international level, and has worked in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Correspondence is welcomed at: Twitter: @paulolubayo LinkedIn: Paul Olubayo Email:
Additionally, you can find Paul’s publications and public appearances at:

Photo credit to Brett Sayles at Pexels

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