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Around the Kitchen Table with Ruth Wakefield – Hypnotherapist

Ruth has trained with some of the current world leaders in hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) including Mike Mandel, Bob Burns, David Snyder and Kaz Riley. To date the age range of clients Ruth has helped is from 6 to 86 for a wide range of issues though specialises in anxiety, trauma and issues of a sexual nature. You will find her to be enthusiastic, non judgemental and full of passion for her work which shines through in this Kitchen Table discussion.

Ruth favours a client-based approach and prefers to guide her sessions by how the client presents moment by moment rather than going in with a set format. She feels very strongly that everyone having lead their own unique life deserves to have their own individual unique hypnotic experience ie the session fits the client rather than the client fitting in to a set format as this gives the very best possible outcome.

Ruth has herself prior to becoming a qualified hypnotherapist successfully received hypnotherapy for driving confidence and healthier eating, but her interest was first stirred at the tender age of just five years old when sat on her father’s lap she watched a stage hypnotist do his thing on the Michael Parkinson English chat show.

Now a mother of three and grandmother of four she has just completed a Creative Writing course and plans to publish some works of fiction for both children and adults in the future.

Ruth currently offers face to face sessions in Southampton though 90% of her sessions are with clients from all around the world via Zoom. If you would like to find out more or book a session with Ruth to improve your life she can be contacted at and there is more information on her website:

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